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Monday, April 02, 2007

A Bigger Splash

Fos some reason this year at the LLGFF I've got a mixture of mainly UK films and classics - another here from the 1970's - Jack Hazan's "A Bigger Splash" follows David Hockney and his circles of friends over a two year period, and produces a visually interesting and a key movie of its time.
In 1974 one can see how this very revealing, fly on the wall, stylish film broke new barriers. And theres some wonderful imagery, its a very beautiful film and not just when Peter Schlesinger is on screen! There are some great scenes which examine Hockey's methods and a funny scene where he is criticised by his dealer, Paul Kasmin, for working too slowly and not producing enough to meet the demand for his work.
The film focuses on a period of Hockney's life while/after he and Peter Schlesinger break up, and Hockney's inability to finish the large-scale painting he was making of him, but this is dealt with obliquely and after 106 minutes a stronger sense of narrative would have been appreciated. Mo McDermott's (Hockney's assistant and ex-model) commentary again hints at a bitterness but its not clear in what way he feels betrayed.
It was an interesting movie despite its (for me) flaws and already I know others feel more strongly in its favour.


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