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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy Boys

Started off the London Lesbian & Gay Film festival with a programme of shorts - entitled Crazy Boys and described as rude, funny, and rude and funny.

I liked Wayne Yung's Miss Popularity a short and funky 6 minutes montage of 1950s American information film stock/archival footage overlaid with ironic and funny subtitles. Also winning my vote was Mister Nude Punk America with naked boys (some in rabbit or clown costumes) pracing energetically about and getting turned on among clouds of feathers, cheap looking bedrooms and much else. With a great 70s feel Donatien Veismann produces an absurd and joyful experience (and McDonald's will never look quite the same again).
My personal highlight though was Australian director John Richards' Outland - a first date movie hampered by trying to keep the new man away from your sci-fi nerdiness (and the fanatic friends who just happen to pop over). Outland really succeeds not just with a great script but actors with a flair for comic timing and delivery - its a blast, very funny and a joy.


  • Thanks for the lovley comments about 'Outland,' they are very much appreciated.

    Adam Richard

    By Blogger me, at 4:04 am  

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