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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pink Narcissus

The BFI's re-issue of James Bidgood's Pink Narcissus is a richly saturated self-indulgent journey of sexual fantasy.

A seminal film of its time (originally released in 1971) parts may seem slightly dated and crude in terms of production values - but for a film largely shot in a single room in the late 1960s it seems surprisingly modern. Its not surprising that Pierre et Giles cite Pink Narcissus as an influence on their work - with its vivid imagery and beautiful boys.

Pink Narcissus stars Bobby Kendall as a beautiful young man in a series of self-obsessed scenes depicting some very memorable gay fantasies including motorbikes, matadors, harems, urinals and leathermen and some stunning street scenes depicting New York as a playround of the fascinating and fantastic. Its an exciting film well worth its re-issue and a pleasure to see, even on a Sunday evening feeling somewhat tired from a hectic night before.


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