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Friday, August 11, 2006

Pierre Huyghes

Currently at Tate Modern via Paris is Huyghes' exhibition Celebration Park. This is one of the best art exhibitions of the year! Comprising video, sculpture, and neon light works, Huyghes' work is intriguing, thoughtful and stimulating. Replete with ideas about cultural ownership, the notion of celebration, the environment, and self-referential these works look good aesthetically and aren't overly intellectualised and wanky.
The exhibition as a whole was really well put together - and I loved Gates the oversized doors that moved around the largest room which seem to represent both an opening and a closing, two dancers and instill a childlike mix of fear and delight. Its just one of thse exhibitions you walk out of thinking how lucky you are to have seen it.Theres a nice interactive broadband flash thing at:The Tate exhibition webpages


  • hey david,

    thanks, i read your work
    whenever i can,

    i dont have a computer etc,

    thanks again,

    i like the pale whites and greys,


    By Blogger porcelain skull, at 5:38 pm  

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