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Friday, July 28, 2006

Modernism at the V&A

Caught this exhibition on its final weekend - aside from niggles about to much stuff in too small a space (especially at the start of the exhibition) and too many people standing in the way (yes, I know it was the last weekend, what did I expect) this exhibition was great. Having been to Tate Modern's Albers and Moholy-Nagy exhibition earlier this year and then whilst in Berlin to the Bauhaus Museum it was good to see an exhibition that took an overview of the 'movement' if that is the right word.
Modernism has its critics of course (perhaps especially in Britain, where modernism is associated with poor quality cheap social housing) but its hard to imagine a world without the influence that modernism has brought to the way we design just about everything. The sense of a new world was portrayed well in the exhibition and modernism was seen not only as a way of designing but a way of being and a vision of the future - in some ways a utopic vision that rejected poverty, etc associated with the years that preceded it.
Also briefly walked through a few other small galleries while we were there - must go back to continue browsing the treasures!


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